Testimonials from Our Clients

Houston, Texas

It was through your platform that I discovered a truly exceptional hospital with an incredibly supportive post-transplant service. The information you provided about multiple transplant centers and the wealth of transplant-related resources were instrumental in guiding me through this challenging process. My only regret is that I didn't find your website sooner. I extend my heartfelt thanks for the critical role your Web site played in changing my life. Your website is a true lifeline, and I am forever grateful.
On June 25 2023, I underwent a successful kidney transplant at the Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Center in Texas.

Andrew and Debra
Santa Barbara, California

I am writing to share good news with you as you were kind enough to give information last September to help us make good decisions to get my wife, Debra, listed at hospitals outside of Cedars Sinai in LA where she was on a 7 - 9 year wait list. In October we visited Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. On March 29th, 2022 at 5:30 a.m. Mayo called and said they get there by 2 p.m. we used Angel Med Flight to make sure Debra arrived by the 2 p.m. time Mayo gave us. Debra is EXTREMELY impressed with the Mayo Phoenix staff. This is a medical miracle and I know you do great work to help people trying to receive transplants and thought you'd enjoy another story with a happy ending!

Gainesville, Florida

After transplant, so easy to forget people and events that came before. I wanted to first thank you for your help and encouragement, and for setting up the website that led me to you. So, thank you. I got my transplant at Tampa General Hospital on July 5 2021. TGH and the doctors there are awesome. I've been back to the dialysis clinic once to visit the people that took care of me there for 2 years of hemo. I wasn't ready to go inside yet. Feels like survivors' guilt. Hemo-dialysis was going to kill me and I feel so bad for those that haven't had the blessing of a transplant yet, or worse never can. I will return soon to encourage those whom I can. Keep up the good work.

Birmingham, Alabama

The transplant centers were all very pleased with receiving that package [generated by Transplant Coach], and of course it sped up the approval. So, Thank You Bunches!...for creating a platform to help me gather the documents that assisted with my approvals. The Transplant Coach is amazing as these are all of the questions that they asked at Sharp Transplant in California. At Sharp, we went over all of these questions on the phone and I met with a few people. However, this really streamlines the process.

Houston, Texas

I applied to UPMC, Toledo in Aug 2022, was evaluated there in February 2023 and received transplant few days later. Previously, I was listed in a larger hospital in Houson, Texas, where I felt I was just a number. Toledo was quite the opposite, the were very personable. They even took me on the boat ride.

Denver, Colorado

Received the call August 30th, 2021. Got transplanted a the University of Arizona Tucson within 8 months of starting Home Hemo Dialysis. I was a miracle ! 6 Antigen Match, transplant #3 ! Dr. Robert Harland was my surgeon and Dr. Venki is my Nephrologist. Excellent Team. Your site worked !!!!!!

Transplant surgeon at UTMC, Toledo, Ohio

Thank you for this wonderful resource for our patients. I saw a patient today who came to us after looking at this website.

Schaumburg, Illinois

I was transplanted a couple weeks ago [October 2023], and doing well. I hope you continue development on the website.

Foley, Alabama

I applied via Transplant Coach in Dec 2021 and received my transplant in UAMS Medical Center, Little Rock, Arkansas in 2022.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I just wanted to give you the good news, my husband got transplanted at the Texas location in May 2021 thank God. Thanks for your help in providing the information.

Pittsburgh, PA

I cannot thank you again for the info and leads presented on this web site you maintain. And the huge advantage this on-line app provides. When I looked at the Charleston transplant center application and the amount of work my nephrologist and his staff would require to use their process, I'd be lucky to get the info submitted by next summer. I have some hope due to your process.

Philadelphia, PA

I received my transplant on Sunday the 27th of October 2019 at 3.30 am. I got a call at 5pm Philly time. Had set up with Angel Med Flight team and they got me to Des Moines in 4.5 hours. Could not ever have happened without your website !

Mentor, Ohio

Thank you for this website and for all the work/research you've done. It helped us find a new kidney for my husband. The hospital he got enrolled in had a 6 year wait time for his blood type. None of us qualify as donors for health reasons. We were desperate to find other options, and then i found your website. It gave us hope that he will get a kidney soon and helped us see the light at the end of a tunnel. He ended up getting a call from the University of Toledo and got transplanted in September 2019! This has been truly a miracle and a tremendous relief for him. I cannot say enough how much i am grateful to you. This website encouraged us to research other options instead of having to wait 6 or more years on the list. THANK YOU!!!

Aurora, Illinois

Thank you so much for putting up this website. I cannot thank you enough, because of your website i managed to receive a kidney transplant from Iowa Methodist in less than 90 days of becoming active on their list. I had been enduring dialysis waiting for a kidney in Chicago, Illinois for about a couple of years. I always took my notebook computer with me to dialysis to keep me busy... being fed up one day i started a google search and came across your webpage. Lo and behold here i am transplanted all because of your work.

New York, New York

I can not thank you enough for the website that you created. I was transplanted last weekend [October 2018] and already feel a big different in my life. The words I have can not say more than enough thank you to you for creating this website and guiding me to the right place to get listed. I had signed up for Angel Med Flight but I had gotten a few calls before so I moved out to Des Miones a week before my transplant and then they called me. The Angel Med Flight experience signing up with them was easy and great you call sign a contract and they take care of the rest for you and they follow up to make sure your still active on the list.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Hello from Nebraska! We finally got the call Sunday and after flight delays made it to Omaha 1:45 am. My husband had his surgery [July 2019] and is in recovery now. I cannot thank you enough for being part of my journey. Keep up the great work you do.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your site is absolutely the best resource I have seen. Thank you. You are doing such a wonderful public service.

San Jose, California

Irene, I got a lot of positive comments from a friend of mine. I applaud you for the work you are doing for patient's like me, who need a kidney transplant.

Willingboro, New Jersey

I've received my transplant on Sep 11, 2018 at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines. I was very sick prior to transplant, started to have mini-strokes and my blood pressure skyrocketed over 200. In New Jersey, wait for transplant is over 5 years and I thought I would not last another year. Your website helped me realize there are other places I could list at. Angel Med Flight picked me up and flew me to Iowa (there are no commercial flights from New Jersey). They were very nice and caring. Thank you for saving my life!

St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you for your site. I've received my transplant, my second birthday and a new life on Aug 10, 2018 at Nebraska Medical Center. I was registered at 3 centers (Omaha, Kansas, St Louis) and thought based on the site that Nebraska will be the shortest wait. That is exactly what happened.

Washington, DC

My wife received a kidney at Iowa Methodist Transplant Center [Sep 2018]. Transplant was successful and Kidney is functioning. We would both like to thank you for your web site. Her 2nd kidney provides new life style. It was very expensive flight but worth every penny.

Lost Angeles, California

Thank you so much for this website. Perhaps because you are a transplant recipient, you realize how precious such information is. You are definitely a blessing to so many of us trodding this journey.

Bethesda, Maryland

My transplant was done by the excellent team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center [Aug 2018].
Life is indeed grand.

Scipio, Indiana

My wife received her call from Iowa Methodist [Aug 2016]; her wait time was right at 2 months. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done on your site. We flew to Iowa in a private jet that was donated from a business owner in our town. Thanks again for all you do to get the word out. We are forever grateful. Here is our story.

Manhattan, New York

The great news is that I just received a transplant from Johns Hopkins three weeks ago [March 2016]. I owe you a great deal. If not for your information, I would have stuck to the three NYC area hospitals (8-13 year waits). Instead, I searched for reasonable OPO's, and all were a pretty good bet (U of Vermont, Hopkins, and Cleveland Clinic Florida). I ended up with the most incredible world class hospital. Unbelievable experience. Thank you - profusely - for your amazing work, research, website, and our communications. You've done an amazing service.

Dialysis social worker, Los Angeles, California

As a dialysis social worker in an area with 10+ year waiting lists for transplant, I just want to thank you for all your hard work on this website. It is a tool I share with my patients on a regular basis to help them find other centers to be listed at. I have previously suggested to patients that they look into centers outside our area without seeing much interest, but being able to show them the map has really enabled them to SEE the difference and the possibilities! I just recently started referring more patients to various centers of their choosing outside the Los Angeles area and I can't wait to see how many patients are able to get a transplant more quickly because of it. Thank you.

Austin, Texas

My father received a kidney through the Des Moines hospital [June 2016] - he has just been smiling a lot more, and has much more hope for his future. You have made such a difference in our lives. Thank you so very much for all the incredible information you shared, your generosity of time and insight and for all your compassion and caring.

Director of Transplant at Iowa Methodist, Iowa

We have been hearing about this amazing web site finally a patient a few months ago gave us the link. You are offering a great service for patients.

Moore, Oklahoma

I was transplanted at Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas [November 2015] after being on the list two and a half months. This would NOT have happened without your website. My wife and I truly appreciate your contribution to our new life.

San Francisco, California

I can't thank you enough for this website. It was so difficult to grasp how the transplant system worked and how to get information about wait times, etc. After finding this website, I have so much more clarity about what direction to take and what to expect. Ultimately, I have more hope during this uncertain time of waiting.

San Diego, California

I am grateful for all of the information you've provided. It is all compact right here at my finger tips! Thank you for opening my eyes with the statistical analysis!

Social Worker, Iowa

Thank you again for all you do! As a social worker I am a believer in patient choice and I am glad you are helping folks know more about what their options really are.

San Jose, California

The help you are providing to patients is phenomenal. The website was very helpful in starting the early transplant process.

Salinas, California

Just a follow on my venture for the past couple of months. After viewing your list, I contacted Iowa Methodist. Two weeks later they scheduled me for an evaluation. Two weeks later they accepted me into their Program. We moved to Des Moines two weeks ago and I received my Transplant Yesterday [May 2016] after being on their list for 2 weeks. Thank you very much for your research. My heartfelt Appreciation for you and your dedication for the transplant patients.

Corpus Christi, Texas

Because of your site I have contacted and gone to Iowa Methodist Transplant Center [March 2015] and got transplanted there [June 2015]. I would not have known about this place had it not been for you. I think your site is great and a vast improvement of info now available opposed to 20 years ago

Fort Myers, Florida

Just want to tell you that I really appreciate your website and hope you will continue to update it. My husband was waitlisted at age 70 at two different centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Seniors generally wind up with less than optimum kidneys. Your website, listing all the centers and regions, along with your excellent advice, is an great tool to find those centers with potential. Thanks for offering a roadmap for all those needing transplants.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I guess $13,500 [to hire a private jet ] sounds like a lot of money until your life depends on it. You have me excited to get started.

Fort Worth, Texas

So incredibly grateful for your web site. It's a game changer. Keep it up, I would be heartbroken if it ended.

Professor of Economics, East Lansing, Michigan

Your website is fascinating,
I can't get over all the details!

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

I am very excited to move forward in finding a Kidney after my nephrologist at Washington Nephrology Associates shared with me this website last week. I only wish he would have done it earlier.

Columbus, Ohio

Without your website, I wouldn't even consider to list on the Nebraska Transplant Center. My only regret is I should have known your website sooner. I am sure that many pre-transplant patients like me will benefit from your website.

Paradise, California

Thank you so very much for your work with this website. The information is invaluable and close to impossible to get any other place.

Denver, Colorado

I've essentially been discouraged from being multiply listed, and starting to become very concerned about my future. I am very interested in doing something to move things along. It's almost like playing slots in Vegas: the house always wins. I hope you can provide some insight into how this game is supposed to be played. I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Congratulations on your win.

Birmingham, Alabama

The doctor told me 8 years, i told him come talk to me when you are sober.